What kind of sun hat has good sun protection effect in summer?

  • Thursday, Jun. 08, 2023 15:28:32

Summer is here, babies. We need to arrange our sun hats! But do you know what kind of sun hat has a good sun protection effect? And what should we pay attention to when wearing sun hats in summer ⁉ Come on, come on, make sure to get to know more about it

The materials of sun hats are also various, and the general materials of sun hats include nylon, cotton, cotton linen blend, mesh gauze hats, and straw hats. The key to the sun protection effect of hats lies in the density of the material, which can be distinguished by the naked eye. Compared to others, mesh gauze hats and straw hats have the highest material density. Although they are cool to wear, their shading effect is the worst, and the sun protection effect can be imagined; Cotton hats have a sun protection factor of over 1000, but the material is thick, making them particularly prone to sweating in summer. The nylon hat material is lightweight and suitable for summer use, with good UV resistance! Well, the advantages and disadvantages of hats made of different materials depend on individual choices. If you want to cool down, you can choose a mesh gauze hat or a straw hat, or vice versa, you can also choose a cotton or nylon hat! So when choosing cotton, be sure to choose a thin version!

What kind of sun hat has good sun protection effect in summer?

In addition to material, choosing a sun hat should also be based on one's own actual situation. If it is frequently used, such as for people working outdoors or traveling, they should choose a wide brimmed hat; For people with short necks, a sun hat with half and narrow edges is the best; For women with long hair, choosing to wear a sun hat with a wide brim around can have a hair care effect!

What should I pay attention to when wearing a sun hat ⁉ Firstly, the hat style should match the outfit. In other words, if you wear winter clothes, then you need to buy winter hats that are thicker and warmer. Similarly, if you are wearing summer clothes, the hat you are wearing should be simpler!

Secondly, the color of the hat is the same as the color of the collar you are wearing. Hats made of the same material as pants can only showcase one's personal taste, and can also make shorter people look taller, making up for any shortcomings in the material.

Thirdly, the hat should match with the material of one's own body. We need to avoid wearing high hats. Even if the material body is tall, people should not choose a hat with a brim that is too small, in order to avoid giving people the feeling of being light headed and heavy footed.

Fourthly, the hat should be suitable for the size of your own head. The hat is too small, and wearing it will make it too tight and uncomfortable. Wearing it will affect the blood circulation of the head. The hat is too big, it won't keep warm, it's easy to fall off, and it's not convenient. Generally speaking, winter hats should be soft, comfortable, light, and warm to use; Summer is the sky, choose lightweight, smooth, and light colored.

Fifth, if you have been wearing your hat for a long time, you must clean it thoroughly. If you wear it for a long time, the sweat on your head will stick to your hat. However, washing can breed bacteria. The method is to wash it with warm soapy water and a soft brush, and finally rinse it clean with warm water!

Sixth, when your hair is wet, don't rush to wear a hat. Wait until your hair dries before you can wear a hat. Because if you don't wear a hat, the dampness will invade your head, causing you to feel dizzy, lethargic, and uncomfortable. It's not great to go out and play!

Because in a few days, I will also go out to play and have prepared a sun hat that suits my head shape and also matches my clothing material. Haha, when I buy things, I also consider whether it fits me or not. Because I am an online shopping girl, I also like to read reviews online the most. Finally, after a comprehensive consideration, I decide to choose what I think is suitable for me! So most of the things I get will be quite satisfactory! I really like this sun hat!What kind of sun hat has good sun protection effect in summer?Firstly, it matches well with the material and color tone of my clothes. Secondly, it is double-sided, so changing the side can give you a different overall feeling, haha! I really like it. It has a wide edge and comprehensive shading, but it also looks small~What kind of sun hat has good sun protection effect in summer?Girls who are preparing to go out for fun can enter according to their own situation! Thank you for watching. Collect your favorite paper quickly!

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